This blog series provides an at-a-glance roundup of recent activity within the LineaPy community, including new features, bug fixes, collaborator shout outs, github discussions or community gatherings.


The LineaPy team introduced two new features in the past week:

  • Experimental Support for Python 3.10: We have added experimental support for Python 3.10. Feel free to try out LineaPy with Python 3.10, with the same APIs as prior Python versions. Learn more at Github Discussion.
  • S3 support: LineaPy is now supporting using S3 as an artifact storage location. We can now work on the same artifact store from anywhere or share our artifacts with anyone easily. Learn more at Github Discussion.


  • Workshop Recording: In case you missed our awesome workshop, catch it up on our YouTube channel! The latest workshop recording will be uploaded tomorrow. Stay tuned for our workshop updates next month!