This blog series provides an at-a-glance roundup of recent activity within the LineaPy community, including new features, bug fixes, collaborator shout outs, github discussions or community gatherings.

In the past week, we hosted another API Basics Workshop and have developed some new features on pipeline and code refactoring.


  • Pipelines as First-Class Entities: We are working on a feature that introduces Pipelines as first-class entities. These will persist along with any artifact dependencies specified and will act as the abstraction layer for LineaPy before code gets generated. This will allow the user to handle Pipelines as concrete entities coming out of LineaPy that make artifacts a lot more powerful and usable. Learn more at Github Discussion.
  • More Efficient Code Refactoring in Pipeline Building: We started working on a better refactoring mechanism that can identify these “common” operations and factor them out as own pipeline nodes. This way, we can further modularize the code, helping data engineers have finer control over different pipeline components and their execution frequencies. Differently put, we are trying to provide engineers with more efficient “lego blocks” with which they can architect their system. Learn more at Github Discussion.


  • Workshop Recording: In case you missed our awesome workshop last Friday, you can still participate and win your exclusive swag! Watch the recording on our YouTube channel and share your feedback on your social platforms to claim your swag!
  • Upcoming Workshop: Our intermediate workshop will take place next Friday, 7/15 at 11 AM PT. Spending too much time interpreting your colleagues’ previous work? We will show you how to solve common notebook reproducibility issues step by step on a hosted LineaPy notebook that requires no infrastructure setup or cost. Click the link here to register!