This blog series provides an at-a-glance roundup of recent activity within the LineaPy community, including new features, bug fixes, collaborator shout outs, github discussions or community gatherings.

New Features! 

  • Automatic Database Migrations: Your LineaPy artifact database will be updated automatically whenever you use it on a new version of the python package. Since future versions of LineaPy will be backwards compatible, upgrading won’t break users working with older versions. As a user, this doesn’t result in any changes you’re likely to see, but on the implementation side, it lets us add more features without breaking your workflow! Learn more at Github Discussion.
  • Pipeline Object: We introduce an intermediate Pipelineobject that stores the artifact and dependency relationships and uses an exportmethod to generate the files for pipeline orchestration. Just like artifacts, pipelines can be saved with saveand fetched in any session with get_pipeline. Learn more at Github Discussion.

Community Goodness

  • Upcoming Event : LineaPy is hosting two workshops every month. We had API Basics Workshop on 7/1 and the recording is available on our YouTube channel. This upcoming Friday, We will also host a workshop based on our second use case demo notebook.
    • Reproduce and Share Workshop: Our workshop will take place this Friday, 7/15 at 11 AM PT. We will show you how to solve common reproducibility issues such as missing values, numbers that look suspicious, and unintelligible variable names step by step on a hosted notebook that requires no infrastructure setup or cost. Click the link to register!