This blog series provides an at-a-glance roundup of recent activity within the LineaPy community, including new features, bug fixes, collaborator shout outs, github discussions or community gatherings.

Here are the latest development updates on LineaPy in the past week:


  • Control flow for conditionals (if/else): We have added support for if/else in LineaPy. That means for code written within an if block, LineaPy would now be able to perform program slicing to generate cleaned-up code. Learn more about the code and use case on Github Discussion.
  • Update on lineapy.to_pipeline: We are one step closer to removing the duplicated code execution in pipelines generated from lineapy.to_pipeline. It no longer needs to specify task dependencies within the same session (thanks to PR-714), but we still need to specify task dependencies between different sessions (but only need one task from each session). Read our latest process at Github Discussion.


  • Our workshop on Building Pipelines will take place Friday, 8/19 at 11 AM PT. We will show you how to turn a notebook into a pipeline using LineaPy on a hosted notebook that requires no infrastructure setup or cost. Click the link here to register!