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LineaPy Community Roundup

Week of June 6: The LineaPy team introduced a new feature and added Binder support for demo notebooks. We also hosted our second demo workshop.

LineaPy Community Roundup

Week of May 30: The LineaPy team rolled out two major changes to the main branch on LineaPy’s Github repo. LineaPy user Senthil E posted a comprehensive overview of LineaPy on Towards Data Science, and we hosted our first technical workshop.

Bridging the gap between data science development and production

With more and more industries outside of the technology sector relying on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) systems in business operations, there is increased focus on the often treacherous path from development to production. A gap exists between the ML models developed by data scientists and the methods currently used to deploy their

Introducing LineaPy!

Going from data science development to production is full of friction. The engineering process to make messy development code production-ready is manual and time consuming. That’s why we’ve built LineaPy – open source software that creates a frictionless path for taking data science work from development to production with just two lines of code. LineaPy

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