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Use cases

Going from data science development to production is full of friction. Data engineering is a manual and time-consuming process. Data teams spend countless hours managing infrastructure and repeating tasks, which reduces the team’s ability to deliver actionable insights in real-time.

LineaPy creates a frictionless path for taking data science workflows from development to production with just two lines of code.

The Magic of LineaPy

LineaPy is backed by a decade of research and industry expertise tackling hyperscale data challenges.

Manage the data lifecycle

LineaPy captures lineage to enable a comprehensive view of dependencies in your environment. Automatically generated Linea Graphs retrace lineage at any point in history, making it easy to update artifacts and increase trust.

Deliver production-grade code

LineaPy applies compiler research to analyze development code and automatically refactors it to be production-grade, enabling reproducibility for future artifacts.

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